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Tutoriales - PDFs - Docs PES 5/WE Automatic Ball Baker | Blender 2.79 Add-on by marqisspes6

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PES 5/WE Automatic Ball Baker | Blender 2.79 Add-on by marqisspes6

Hi everybody,

I want to share with you something that i've been working for during the last days, is a ball "converter" lets call it, but its actually a baking texture using blender, basically the idea of this tool is to make it easier the convertion from the newer models that are coming out for PES4/5/6 those that are converted from newer PES or FIFA into the classic 32 panels model or beach ball model or AKA newballmdl3. So far on PES5 we don't have any issue with newer models, but some old pcs may have issues running this models also, this model is fully compatible for our friends of PS2 and PSP. Anyway, enought introduction

This tool contains two functions

1 - convert the whole GDB folder png images into beach ball format, just by selecting the balls folder from GDB
2 - convert one texture by selecting it alongside with their model file


This tool will OVERWRITE the source ball image, so please make backup of your files in case this fails.
Regarding to method 1 if you want this to be working, you need the map.txt file inside the balls folder otherwise it wont do anything, also the map.txt must contain the correct mapping

Method 1
Converting a GDB ball folder

here i have a folder from pes6 infinitty patch

as you can see all balls are different models

now lets start blender and just select our folder

Now i clic "Start Automatic Texture Baker" button and it will start doing the processing of files, keep in mind that blender will freeze until it finishes once is done you will see the ball models displayed in blender

now, we're gonna check the png files in the folder and as you can see they're all converted

Method 2

Converting one texture file

where gonna need to select the png file and the mdl file for our ball

now we just hit the button "convert single texture" and... magic happens!

PES 5/WE Automatic Ball Baker | Blender 2.79 Add-on by marqisspes6

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