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PS2 PES 2008 Option File by Juventino


Version 1

Back in the days, I created an option file for the PS2 version of PES 2008. This game is a real gem (in my opinion, the best PES on the PS2) and has been shadowed by his atrocious PS3 brother.

This article is a really good one if you don't know this game very well :

As usual, the philosophy of the Juventino OF was to keep the original gameplay (meaning original stats, original squads, ...) but improving all the visual aspects (real names, upgrade lhe unlicenced kits, ...) for a better gaming experience. I did this, because, back in the days, we played a lot with friends, at the university, ... and to not create any surprise for the players (or give them an easy excuse for when they lose), I decided to keep the original gameplay.

Lately, I went through my OF and fixed the very few issues that were present, mostly in the colors of the namesets and numbers and did some small other improvements like creating a nice kit with a technical sponsor and Konami as main sponsor for the PES United and WE United teams which I like to add to my Master League as "rival" teams.

As an Easter Egg, I've also added the Sweet Years logo (remember PES 4 :) ) to be used as logo for my created Master League team.

Here're the features :
- Real club names
- Real player names
- Real competition names
- Real stadium names
- Updated kits for unlicenced clubs
- Updated kits for national teams
- Updated kits for PES United and WE United teams
- Updated kits for the classic teams
- Sweet Years logo

Next steps :
- Convert this OF to make a PSP version.
- Add the Bundesliga and Shakhtar Donetsk in Other League C once I put my hands on Football Manager 2008 to PES 2008 stats converter.

Version 1.5

Added features :
- Replacement of national team duplicate players by their club alter-ego
- 1. Bundesliga and Zenit Saint Petersburg kits in Other League C --> These teams can be used in Master League (ex. with the default players).

Next steps (will be in v2) :
- Create J League teams (all J2 League teams from 2008 + the ones promoted to J1 League at the end of the 2007 season)

There are a PES-shop locked and unlocked version of the option file.



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