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Retro Arcade M.A.M.E Super Mario Bros. 3 Hack Yasser by BleurCQ

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Super Mario Bros. 3 Hack Yasser by BleurCQ

Super Yasser Bros 3 is a graphical Hack for SMB3 Europe-PAL version.

Aside of the new look and color for Yasser, Bleur and the captive tanooki, there’s nothing new to tell or watch. Some enemy sprites were slightly modified to fit the new heroes, but the gameplay is intact. You can call it a Meme Hack if you want.

This is a old-hack made as a Gift for Yasser, and the reason to be posted there is to allow more people to play it. Have fun!

ROM / ISO Information:
Database match: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Europe)
Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
File SHA-1: BD1A5B3C6918D3B01DF0B2789AB0E726BB9209E0
File CRC32: 3BC2E2DF
ROM SHA-1: 31144C7C436CC78D7FD3AC42B224EEE3A6C2BABC
ROM CRC32: 1ED5C801


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