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[Sticky] Waterloo Set Default Color v.6

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Waterloo Set Default Color v.6 by Waterloo

Lo importante de esta tool actualizada de Waterloo Set Default Color v.6 es que trae soporte para los Juegos:
- J.League Winning Eleven 2007 Club Championship (JLWE2007CC)
- Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PES2008)

Support PES2008PC, PES2008_EURO_PS2, JLWE2007CC

For PS2 Euro version,
- Extract unnamed_69.bin, and SLES* file

For PS2 JLWE2007CC,
- Extract unnamed_49.bin, and SLPM* file

For PES2008 PC
- Extract unnamed_27.bin, and unnamed_25.bin (to display team names only, not necessary to import)

Firstly, click the button "Preference" to save the path of ASF/ISO, and also SLPM location. For PES2008 PC, input the file unnamed_25.bin to SLPM Location.

1. Select version
2. Input full path of param file
3. Press "Retrieve" button
4. Edit as you like
5. Press "Save" button to save

Ejemplo Resultado cambiando todos los kits del J1 --> Re-Linkeados para la PREMIER LEAGUE.

Observa el video, donde muestro al team Manchester United con Kits por Defecto de Team J1 League

Editar con Software Zlib Tool & Set Default Color editar Kits 2d para los Juegos de Winning Eleven y Pro Evolution Soccer

WinningEleven ProEvolutionSoccer PES Konami Tutorial

Waterloo's tools

WE10_set_default_color 5.1.1

Fix bugs on re-link default 2D kit. (Actually not test, but seems work).
Only the selectable teams can be relinked 3D kit and 2D kit due to bugs of re-link default 2D kit.

Since it is impossible to recover your corrupted SLPM file from my tools, but you may use hex editor to fix it.

Thanks triplex from evo-web Forum for info.

Open clean SLPM file, goto offset#2695728, with pattern start as "05 08 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 1A 1B 1C 1E 20 23 25",

Copy 144 bytes from this offset, and paste these 144 bytes to your corrupted SLPM file.

WE10_set_default_color 5.1.0

Can edit the remaining 33 teams, such as China, Jamaica, etc
Add function to relink the default 2D-kit, included In-game Editor, and Strip Selection screen.
Still not yet to complete the "Edit Kit" function.
WE10_set_default_color 5.0.1

Support WE10 (PS2)
Add kit preview for WE10 (PS2), thanks Mephisto.
Add function to select default kit slot for WE10
It's not a final version, Edit Kit function is not ready for WE10, just the same as WE9, it works fine also but some kits are different. This function will be updated later.

Since my PS2 can't load a disc which burned by my DVD writer, I don't know why. So I haven't test it, if you got problem, please tell me.

WE9_set_default_color 4.1.0

Support PES5 (PS2), WE9UE (PSP).
Add function to preview kit for WE9, PES5 (PS2), WE9UE, use preference to set the location of corresponding 0_text.afs.
Tips on migrate WE9 to PES5 (PS2)

Retrieve param_dat of WE9, and save .dat
Retrieve param_dat of PES5 (PS2)
Load .dat from step 1
Select teams you want to migrate, this will help you to migrate team-by-team, i.e. ireland(WE9) -> ireland(PES5 PS2), arsenal (WE9) -> arsenal (PES5 PS2), all new teams, e.g. promoted teams, will be excluded in migration.
Beware on the new 3D Models, some teams have different 3D Model as in WE9.
Write file
WE9_set_default_color 4.0.1

Support Winning Eleven 9.
Add function to edit the "edit" kit, it is useful to display the 2D kit correctly.

Radar color seems come back, you can make use on changing the "base color" (i.e. the main color of edit kit), or use "edit kit" function for accurate 2D kit display.
Before using this tool

Extract unknow_00019.bin or unnamed_19.bin from O_TEXT.AFS with AFSExplorer 3.6, GGS, DKZ Studio or other similar tools,

Use we6fe_zlib_tool or Zlib Manager in AFSExplorer 3.4 to decompress it as 4 files, unknow_00019.bin_000, unknow_00019.bin_001, unknow_00019.bin_002, unknow_00019.bin_003, unknow_00019.bin_004

Extract/copy file SLPM_660.09 to same directory in step 2.
There should at least 7 files in this directory, they are unknow_00019.bin, unknow_00019.bin_000, unknow_00019.bin_001, unknow_00019.bin_002, unknow_00019.bin_003, unknow_00019.bin_004, and SLPM_660.09

Input/Browse the file unknow_00019.bin, and click "Retrieve file"
As usual, please refer to previous version for usage : )  (still lazy on typing)
After "Save file", use we6fe_zlib_tool or other similar tools to import the files unknow_00019.bin_000, unknow_00019.bin_001, unknow_00019.bin_002 to unknow_00019.bin
Import back unknow_00019.bin to O_Text.AFS with AFSExplorer, GGS, or DKZ Studio, etc.

WE8_set_default_color 3.3.0

Support Winning Eleven 8 Liveware Evolution (WE8LE).
For usage, please refer to previous version.

I haven't tested it yet, but seems similar to WE8 Please note that since the Back No. and Back Name Font in WE8LE are stored in each uni* files, so the "Back No. Style" is not necessary to change, but I don't know the effect if you changed it, you can try it, and please tell me the result.

The "Back Name Style" seems remain 2 styles in WE8LE, one is "Type1 - Normal", and the other is "Type2 - Normal + Bend". Like "Back No. Style", I remain the other styles of previous version, if you have tested it, please tell me the result.
Compared with PES4, 3D model Style of a few teams have changed,
Teams Styles in WE8/PES4 Styles in WE8LE
(* New Styles)

Fiorentina  00 33
Juventus    46 63*
Parma        00 67*
Sampdoria  51 64*
Albacete    00 59*
Numancia  00 62*
Betis          00 66*
Zaragoza    36 04
Valencia    46 65*

I 'm sorry that, I couldn't find the Radar color yet.

Before using this tool

Open O_TEXT.AFS with AFSExplorer 3.4, or other similar tools Extract unnamed_3598.

Use we6fe_zlib_tool or Zlib Manager in AFSExplorer 3.4 to decompress it as unnamed_3598
Extract/copy file SLPM_657.88 to same directory in step 3.

There should at least 3 files in this directory, unnamed_3598, unnamed_3598_000, SLPM_657.88

WE8_set_default_color 3.2.0

Support European Club Soccer Winning Eleven Tactics, and J. League Winning Eleven 8 Asian Championship.
For usage, please refer to ver. 3.1.0.
Tips on migrate PES4 to European Club Soccer Winning Eleven Tactics (WE8 Tactics)

Retrieve param_dat.bin_000 of PES4, and save .dat
Retrieve param_dat.bin_000 of WE8 Tactics
Load .dat from step 1
Select teams you want to migrate, and Write file

WE8_set_default_color 3.1.0

Before using this tool

Open DATA_J.AFS with AFSExplorer 3.3, or other similar tools
Extract pl.afs > pl_para.afs > param_dat.bin
Use we6fe_zlib_tool or Zlib Manager in AFSExplorer 3.3 to decompress it as param_dat.bin_000
Extract/copy file SLES_527.60 to same directory in step 3.
There should at least 3 files in this directory, param_dat.bin, param_dat.bin_000, SLES_527.60

Please refer to 3.0.1

Tips on migrate WE8 to PES4:

Retrieve param_dat.bin_000 of WE8, and save as .dat
Retrieve param_dat.bin_000 of PES4, and load .dat of step 1
Message prompt up, press OK, and another dialog shown. You can select which teams you want to migrate to corresponding teams in PES4. i.e. Arsenal(WE8) to Arsenal(PES4), Villa(WE8) to Villa(PES4). Press the button "Auto-select for PES4", it help you to select teams in WE8 except Licensed teams and relegated teams, e.g. Leicester City, Leeds United, etc.
Press OK when finished selection.
WE8_set_default_color 3.0.1

Before using this tool

Open DATA_J.AFS with AFSExplorer 3.2, or other similar tools
Extract pl.afs > pl_para.afs > param_dat.bin
Use we6fe_zlib_tool to decompress it as param_dat.bin_000
Extract/copy file SLPM_656.57 to same directory in step 3.
There should at least 3 files in this directory, param_dat.bin, param_dat.bin_000, SLPM_656.57

Similar to previous version, except the interface changed.
After saved the file param_dat.bin_000, use we6fe_zlib_tool to compress it back to param_dat.bin
Import param_dat.bin to DATA_J.AFS
Import DATA_J.AFS to WE8 image

I have added a preview function to show the kit and the position (not exactly)/color of back no, back name, short no, etc, but due to I haven't the algorithm of WE8 uni* decryption, it can't directly access the uni*.bin to show the kit. To show the kit properly, extract the 512x256 .bmp to the directory of param_dat.bin_000 and named as uni???XX.bmp, which ??? is the id. of teams, and XX as "ga", "gb", "pa", "pb". It seems trouble :(
Always backup :)
Tips on Migrate data from WE7(i) to WE8

Select previous version
Browse/input file name, e.g. SLPM_654.97 of WE7i and press button
Press button, a dialog shown
Browse/input destination file name to save.
Select one WE7 team, one WE8 team to convert, and press button, it means migrate the data of this team in WE7 to the selected team in WE8.
You may select the version, it support Original and Wendetta version. It automatically select the corresponding teams to be converted.
Press button to remove selected items in migrate list.
Press button
Data saved, and press to return back.
Load the saved file, and check whether is ok or not.

There are total 45 styles in WE8, each team can have 2 styles, one for home, and other for away.
Style 0 - 11: Support Collar, show badge in national teams
Style 12: Support Collar, without badge. Default style to Japan
Style 13: Not support Collar, without badge. The front no is a bit lower than Style 12. Default style to Korea.
Style 14 - 44: Special style, may or may not support collar, I haven't tested all yet, not recommend use it in national teams, because a big badge will show on kits, and some styles make the front no will not shown.
The Home/Away Player/GK Front No. are only used for style 21 (default of FC Utrecht), but I don't understand much on it, not recommend to use, and this style seems not support Collar.
Radar color in WE8 cannot be edited yet, I still can't find it.
The button , is used to automatically change the style of national teams 000 - 063 to Style 12, and Style 13, except Japan and Korea. If one of collar setting is "Have Collar", the style will changed to style 12. If all of collars are "No Collar", the style will changed to style 13.
Seems no tight-fit 3D Model now. :(
Tips to open other than default one (version 2.2.0 only)

Press button on Main Form
Input the Original File name (i.e. Non-edited version, the tools need to search the offset of corresponding data)
Press button , and wait for a while, if the offset found, a message will be prompted to save the information. If not found, that means the file is invalid, and this tools can't access this.
Return to Main Form, and select the version for "Others", and the operation is as same as before.
Please note that you needn't "Scan" each time you open version other than the specific ones, since the offset information is saved.

Tips to migrate data from different version

For example, migrate data from WE7 to PES3 (PC), please make backup first.

Retrieve File "SLPM_623.56" of WE7
Save as .dat

Retrieve File "pes3.exe" of PES3(PC)

Load from .dat of step 2, and select which teams to be loaded from pop-up dialog, Press
Write File, that's all.

WE7_set_default_color 2.3.0

Fix bugs on Have Collar/No Collar for Styles 5
Fix bugs on retrieving Team Name, now you can Retrieve SPLM* of Wendetta without error.
WE7_set_default_color 2.2.0

Support version other than default WE7, PES3, PES3PC, PES3Demo, i.e. Official Patch etc
For operation, please refer the tips above.
WE7_set_default_color 2.1.0

Support PES3 (PC) now
Changes in ,  you can select which teams to be loaded.
Startup message is removed, as I haven't received anymore bugs about the prefer-3D model.
WE7_set_default_color 2.0.1


This tools is used to set the default values of kits for each teams
Color of Back No., Back Name, Front No. and Short No. (Actually Front No. does not take effect, same as Back no.) of Home/Away Players & Home/Away Goalkeepers
Back Name Styles and Number Styles.
Badge Position and Position of Short No.
Radar color. (No effect for GK)
Set whether the Kits have collar or no collar (or round neck, someone said this terms)
Prefer 3D Model, which mainly set the Kit use which styles, e.g. Normal, Tight-fit, and more.
Supported WE7, PES3, PES3Demo(PC).
This tool is still under development, as I haven't tested in PES3 (coz' I haven't this, but logically work in it, correct me if I am wrong), please report what's your findings in PES3, especially the Prefer 3D Model, it seems there are some differences from WE7 (e.g. Styles 8).

Extract above file and just run it.
This tools is developed under Win2K+VB6 SP5  environment, I don't guarantee you can run this in your system.
Please make sure you have installed VB Runtime library, search it in web if you got any.

Fixed bugs in Tools to set the default Kit/Name No. Style for WE7, previous version may write abnormal data to the SPLM* file, leads unexpected result in game, or even crash.
Change description in Prefer 3D Model Styles 8 for WE7, which is mostly like Training Kits rather than Feyenood styles, but PES3Demo and PES3 remains unchanged.
WE7 Kit Editor

Simulate In-game Kit Editor for WE7.
This tool seems to be useless now, as we can import/export the 'true' Kits to the game. Anyway, maybe useful in the future WE8 or else.

Set default values for WE6FE.
Color of Back No., Back Name, Front No. and Short No. (Actually Front No. does not take effect, same as Back no.) of Home/Away Players & Home/Away Goalkeepers. Set transparent color is available.
Back Name Styles and Number Styles.
Radar color. (No effect for GK)

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