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Programas | Tools [Sticky] PES5/WE9/LE OF Team Editor by marqisspes6

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PES5/WE9/LE OF Team Editor by marqisspes6

Hi! I created this tool, that basically will do 2 things in your exe:

1- Modify the name of the folder inside "documentskonami" from "Pro Evolution Soccer 5" (or we9 or we9le) to anything you want!

2- Modify the name of the folder inside the registry of windows, in this way you wont need to have preinstalled the base game Feature for the tools: Make backup of the files Create a registry file called installer and a uninstaller Compatible with PES5, WE9 and WE9LE How to use it: Open the software, select the executable for the game, and then the settings for the game (not available for we9le, yet...)

Write the name of your patch! Optional you can create a backup of those files, and also create a registry file, if you dont write a serial it will use this serial CETT7JXPUM5NU6L7TJ54 Done! Now you can enjoy and have as many patchs as you want Ps.

This tool will be needed in the future because i will share with you a template to create an installer for your patchs! along with updater and stadiums installer 

 --> PES5 Indie/Tools

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Chicos muy útil está herramienta gracias

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