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Programas | Tools [Sticky] PES 5/WE9 Option file to DB by marqisspes6

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PES 5/WE9 Option file to DB - (Converter) by marqisspes6 Referencia: - How to use it - you just place it where you want, i place it in here next to the decrypted option file to find it easier - you run it and you will see that an black window is open, dont be scare, i just leave as debugging, if you have any error you just post it here now you just simple import those subbins to the file 22 of the 0_text with the zlib tool or dkz studio. And done you have converted your option file to DB so you can play online. Future of this tool: I will generate the file from the db from the crypted option file, first i need to convert the code from lazanet github repository to python obviously thanks to lazanet and purple haze for this tool I think the most closest feature for this tool will be adding the subfiles for file 24 (that have all the formations) If is possible to generate all the data in the option file to the database files as much as is possible Honestly, i'm not a genius on programming, so i dont know how to create a graphic interface on python because i need to learn about classes and i dont know how that work, not for now, maybe in the future, for now the only graphic tool you will have is this "file selector" and thats all, dont expect much more than this For what i mention before, i have no plans on a db modifier, just open your option file with the pes editor and convert it back, thats all All the source code is going to be on github so everyone can make their changes and maybe contribute to this tool, as much as they can Thanks! Download LINK Credits: Thanks marqisspes6 from evo-web Forums Referencia: - - :dance3:  You_Rock_Emoticon  :gallog:  :rally:

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