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[Sticky] PPF-O-MATIC v2.0 by Icarus/Paradox

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PPF-O-MATIC v2.0 by Icarus/Paradox

What is PPF-O-MATIC?

With PPF-O-MATIC you are able to apply PPF1.0 and
PPF2.0 images over binfiles (e.g. PSX-CDRWin-Bins).
I think everyone should know now what PPF patches are,
so i wont go any further into this. (If you still
dont know check or
for information!)

How to use PPF-O-MATIC

To apply a PPF-Patch is very simple!


Load the PPF-file and the BIN-file. After that just press
the button "APPLY" and thats it!

PPF2.0 Patches are supporting Image and Filesize checking
that means that the binfile will be verified before patching.

If the binfile isn't the right one two WARNING messages
can or will pop up, i will describe them in detail:

1st. Warning:
"The filesize of the binfile does not match with the filesize of
the binfile this PPF-Patch was made of! CONTINUE?"

What is wrong: It seems that you dont have the right binfile.
It is very likely that the binfile will be corrupted (and the game
wont work after burning). If this warning will show up you
have a 50:50 chance that it will work afterwards.. Different
CDRWin versions may add some more bytes to the binfile so
this warning is not to be taken toooo seriously!

2nd. Warning:
"The binfile does not seem to be the same one this PPF-Patch was made of!
CONTINUE? (Suggestion: NO!)"

If you see this warning you have a serious problem! the binfile that
you want to patch was NOT identified to be the right binfile for
the PPF-Patch you are using! - It's very very likely that you will
burn a nice coaster if you continue! Get the right version of the
game you are trying to patch. Sometimes a RENTAL/STORE/BETA version
can cause this problem! If you ask me.. i would NOT continue to
patch this binfile!!! :)


1. The PPF 2.0 Header:


| POSITION |  SIZE  |              E X P L A N A T I O N          |
| 00-04    |  05  | PPF-Magic: "PPF20"                          |
| 05      |  01  | Encoding Method:                            |
|          |        | - If $00 then it is a PPF 1.0 Patch        |
|          |        | - If $01 then it is a PPF 2.0 Patch        |
| 06-55    |  50  | Patch Description                          |
| 56-59    |  04  | Size of the file (e.g. CDRWin binfile) this |
|          |        | patch was made of. Used for Identification  |
| 60-1083  | 1024  | this is a binary block of 1024 byte taken  |
|          |        | from position $9320 of the file (e.g. CDRWin|
|          |        | binfile) this patch was made of. Used for  |
|          |        | identification.                            |
| 1084-X  |  XX  | The Patch itself.. see below for structure! |


2. The PPF 2.0 Patch Itself (Encoding Method #1)

FORMAT : xxxx,y,zzzz

        xxxx  = 4 byte file offset.

        y      = Number of bytes that will be changed.

        zzzz  = New data to be written ('y' number of bytes).


Starting from File Offset 0x0015F9D0 replace 3 bytes with 01,02,03
D0 F9 15 00 03 01 02 03

Be careful! watch the endian format!!! If you own an Amiga and want
to do a PPF2-Patcher for Amiga don't forget to swap the endian-format
of the OFFSET to avoid seek errors!


3. The PPF 2.0 Fileid area


The fileid area is used to store additional patch information of
the PPF 2.0 file. I implemented this following the AMIGA standard
of adding a fileid to e.g. .txt files. You can add a FILE_ID to a
PPF 2.0 patch by using the tool 'PPFdiz.exe' or "PPF-O-MATIC2"
included in this package. You dont have to add a FILE_ID to your
PPF 2.0 patch. It only for your pleasure! :)

For developers: a file_id area begins with @BEGIN_FILE_ID.DIZ and
ends with @END_FILE_ID.DIZ (Amiga BBS standard).
Between @BEGIN_FILE_ID.DIZ and @END_FILE_ID.DIZ you will find
the File_Id and followed after @END_FILE_ID.DIZ you will find an
Integer (4 byte long) with the length of the FILE_ID.DIZ!

A File_ID.diz file cannot be greater than 3072 Bytes.

If you do a PPF 2.0 Applier be sure to check for an existing FILE
ID AREA, because it is located after the PATCH DATA!

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