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Programas | Tools [Sticky] PCSX Debugger Ver7

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PCSX Debugger Ver7

1) General

Pcsx is a PSX emulator. What that really means?
It means that it emulates the way that a PSX works and tries to translate PSX machine language to PC language.
That is very hard to be done and we can't speak for 100% success in any time.
The hardware would always be better than the software so if you wanna play games
then better get a real PSX. Pcsx is capable to run most of the games, but a few
others still don't. We are working on it ;). The members of the team are very
advanced coders and they will continue the work on the Pcsx as far as they have
enough time to work on it. Real life comes first and sometimes it is much more

 The team of Pcsx


2) How it works

 1) Put a bios on bios directory (recommended: scph1001.bin) (optional)
 2) Put plugins in plugin directory
 3) Open the emu
 4) Configure plugins from configuration menu and Memcards from Mcd Manager
 5) Restart
 6) Put a cd in your cdrom drive
 7) Press Run CD and the game might work ;P

Quick Keys:
 F1: Save State
 F2: Increase State Num
 F3: Load State
 F4: Show State-Pic
 F5: Sio Irq Dis/Enable
 F6: Black&White Mdecs Dis/Enable
 F7: Dis/Enable Xa
 F8: Makes a Snapshot
 The 2 next keys are only implemented if the cdrom plugin doesn't support
 the CDRgetStatus interface.
 F9: Press to simulate an open case (to change cdroms in game)
 F10: And this to close it
 F11: Code marker

Cpu Options:
 * Disable Xa Decoding:
    Disables xa sound, if you don't want sound this might
    speed up a little movies (mostly) and the game itself.

 * Sio Irq Always Enabled:
    Enable this only when pads or memcards doesn't works,
    but usually brokes compatibility with them.

 * Spu Irq Always Enabled:
    May help your game to work, but usually doesn't helps.
 * Black & White Movies:
    Speed up for slow machines on movies.

 * Disable CD-DA:
    Will disable CD audio.

 * Enable Console Output:
    Displays the psx text output.

 * Enable Interpreter Cpu and Debugger:
    This parameter switch emulation mode between interpretation and recompilation.
    Interpretive emulation can be more compatible, but it's slower.

 * Psx System Type:
    Autodetect: Try to autodetect the system.
    NSTC/PAL: Specify it for yourself.

Internal HLE Bios:
 If you select this instead of a regular bios (ie. "scph1001.bin")
 Pcsx will emulate the bios (this might not work in all cases but it is
 quite advanced), you can try it and see which one works better, notice
 that the HLE bios might be faster than a regular one and may make some
 games work better.


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