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[Sticky] MovConv version 2.2E AVI to STR Movie Converter

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Sony MovConv version 2.2E AVI to STR Movie Converter

This zip file contains the latest versions
of MovConv (version 2.2E) and MovPack (version 1.6E).
Please note that the ".hlp" files that used to be
included with these applications
have been deleted; all relevant information will
be available in the upcoming Technical Reference
CD 2.1 (not released yet).
It wouldn't recognize even the simplest AVI 1.0 or AVI 2.0 file.

Unzip the contents of this file using pkunzip or
Winzip.  Then place the "MovPack.exe" and the
"MovConv.exe" into your "psxgraphbin" directory,
such as "c:pspsxgraphbin".  For instructions
on using these tools, refer to the Technical
Reference CD.


Movie Converter 2.2E
Release Date: 08/06/97
Environment: Windows3.1, Windows95

[ Changes from MovConv 2.1 to MovConv 2.2 ]

+ Frame rate 12fps was added.
+ New script functions below were added.


+  Width and height of RGB/YUV image data came to be memorized.
+  Bs data size came not to be adjusted to sector boundaries.
+  Script line number came to be reported when some error occurs
  while conversion is under processing.

[ limitations for MovConv 2.2 ]

+ Input AVI must be uncompressed AVI.
+ Sample length of sound must be 16 bits.
+ Preview functionality doesn't work fine on displays
  whose color depth is under 16bit.

[ Changes from version 1.98e to 2.1e ]

(1) MDEC encoding is now faster -- about twice as fast as version 1.98e
(2) Size limits for scripts have been removed.
(3) The frame number is now shown on the progress dialog box.
(4) A warning is now shown when the input audio data is not 16 bits per sample.
(5) Scripts are now case insensitve.
(6) A function Pcm2Xa has been added to the script.
(7) The number field of file sequence is now treated as 32 bit value.
(8) The str(RGB) format has been removed.
(9) '~' and '_' are now recognized as a part of file name by the script parser.
(10) A warning is now shown when AVI frames are compressed.
(11) 32 bit deep AVI is now supported.
(12) Q matrix setting has been corrected.
(13) While video is interleaved with audio, the str file is now created
    even if the size of video frames is larger than the size the converter expects.
(14) Extra null sectors which had been appended to the end of
    str file with the previous version of MovConv are not appended with this version.
(15) The value of the sub mode field of Video sector's subheader has been changed
    from 0x42 to 0x48.

[ limitations ]

(1) Input AVI must be an uncompressed AVI. Audio must be 16 bits per sample.
(2) The preview functionality doesn't work well on a 4 bit or 8 bit display.

[ Known bugs ]

(1) The last frame cannot be shown on the MDEC Preview dialog box.

[ Changes from MovPack 1.2e to MovPack 1.5e ]

(1) MovPack script has been added.
See movpack.scr for detail.
Movpack script is processed line by line.
It may cause errors to edit the script over multiple
(2) The channel number is now set correctly when the video sector is
    specified as termination data.
(3) The value of sub mode field of Video sector's subheader has been changed
    from 0x42 to 0x48.

[ Misc ]

(1) Attached help file is obsolete. See below to check new features
    of Movie tools.

=== New features which are not described in help file ===

[ Script ]

MovConv has batch processing cabability.  A "script" defines the processing
sequence.  The script for MovConv is very simple.  It is a sequence of
functions which defines each conversion.  Please see movconv.scr to
check syntax of MovConv script.  MovPack also has script.  It is a little
different from the MovConv script.  Please see movpack.scr to check the syntax
of a MovPack script.  The parser of MovPack script is much simpler than
MovConv script.  Editing over multiple lines on movpack.scr may cause

[ Q matrix ]

Q matrix is a quantization matrix which is used in the quantization stage of
MDEC compression.  The MDEC quantization stage is the same as the JPEG or MPEG
quantization stage.  A full discussion is beyond the scope of this document;
please refer elsewhere for more details.  Normally, you don't need to change the
Q matrix value .  If you are very familiar with JPEG or MPEG compression,
you can change the Q matrix value to optimize compression.

[ Leap sector ]

A "leap sector" is a sector which is put on output data to synchronize video
with audio.  To be exact, the NTSC video frame rate is not 60.00 fps but
59.94 fps.  If you import video using video capture equipment, the base
frame rate of imported video is 59.94 fps.  But the PlayStation streaming
mechanism expects video data to be 60.00fps.  So, if you play this video
data with PlayStaion, it is played slightly faster than it should be.
Usually, it doesn't matter if you play only video data because the frame
rate difference is very small.  But if you play audio data with video
data, you will recognize that the synchronization of video and audio becomes
gradually incorrect. You can solve this problem putting a leap sector on the
original 59.94 fps video.  This makes 59.94 fps video 60.00 fps.

[download] Download: [/download]    ---> MovConv ver.2.2E AVI to STR Movie Converter

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