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[Sticky] MemcardRex 1.9 by Shendo

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MemcardRex by Shendo
MemcardRex is a PSX Memory Card explorer/editor

Author: Shendo
Version: 1.9
Updated: 2013-06-21 (YYYY-MM-DD)


.NET Framework 2.0.
Windows® Vista™ or 7 for the glass status bar.

About MemcardRex:

MemcardRex is a PS1 Memory Card explorer/editor.

The following Memory Card formats are supported:

* ePSXe/PSEmu Pro Memory Card(*.mcr)
* DexDrive Memory Card(*.gme)
* pSX/AdriPSX Memory Card(*.bin)
* Bleem! Memory Card(*.mcd)
* VGS Memory Card(*.mem, *.vgs)
* PSXGame Edit Memory Card(*.mc)
* DataDeck Memory Card(*.ddf)
* WinPSM Memory Card(*.ps)
* Smart Link Memory Card(*.psm)
* MCExplorer(*.mci)
* PSP virtual Memory Card(*.VMP) (opening only)
* PS3 virtual Memory Card(*.VM1)

The following single save formats are supported:

* PSXGame Edit single save(*.mcs)
* XP, AR, GS, Caetla single save(*.psx)
* Memory Juggler(*.ps1)
* Smart Link(*.mcb)
* Datel(*.mcx;*.pda)
* RAW single saves
* PS3 virtual saves (*.psv) (importing only)

Reading and writing data to real Memory Cards is supported via DexDrive.


This software is licensed under GPL 3.0 licence.


As of version 1.6 MemcardRex has a suport for InterAct DexDrive.
Both reading and writing data from/to PS1 Memory Cards is supported.

As you may or may not know DexDrive is a very quirky device and sometimes it just refuses to work.
Even the first party software (DexPlorer) has problems with it (failed detection of a device).
If you encounter problems, unplug power from DexDrive, unplug it from COM port and connect it all again.

It is recommended that a power cord is connected to a DexDrive, otherwise some cards won't be detected.
Communication was tested on Windows 7 x64 on a real COM port and with a Prolific and FTDI based USB adapters.

To select a COM port DexDrive is connected to go to "Options"->"Preferences".


MemCARDuino is an open source Memory Card communication software for various Arduino boards.
It acts as a simple interface for Memory Card communication similar to commercial DexDrive device.

More information can be found in the "Hardware" directory of MemcardRex package.

Support for MemCARDuino was added in MemcardRex version 1.8.


PS1CardLink is a software for the actual PlayStation and PSOne consoles.
It requires an official or home made TTL serial cable for communication with PC.

It acts as a firmware which allows you to turn a console into a Memory Card reader.
More information can be found in the "Hardware" directory of MemcardRex package.

Support for PS1CardLink was added in MemcardRex version 1.8.


Version 1.8:
* Fixed a crash if "File->Quit" was selected after reading Memory Card from DexDrive.
* Added "Restore window position at startup" option.
* Added "Format card" option under "Hardware" menu per Carmax91's suggestion.
* Added support for MemCARDuino, an Arduino based Memory Card reader with open source firmware.
- Check out "Hardware" directory included with MemcardRex.
* Added support for PS1CardLink, a PS1 software which acts as a Memory Card reader.
- Check out "Hardware" directory included with MemcardRex.
* Extended support for Action Replay saves. Non standard saves can be imported now (codelist, e00-exe, etc...).
* Bundled "BCLoader 0.1" plugin, a loader for Black Chocobo FF7 save editor.

Version 1.7:
* DTR line is now used in DexDrive communication.
* Adjusted timing for DexDrive communication.
- Memory Cards that were not readable should work now.
* Added import icon feature in the icon editor.
- 16x16 pixel icons with no more than 16 colors are supported.
* Added a complete set of new interface icons.
- Silk icon set 1.3 by Mark James.
* Added a "Compare with temp buffer" option.
* Added Del shortcut for "Remove save" option.
* Message box is now slightly larger for easier readability.
* Save prompt now defaults to "Yes" instead of "No".
* Menu options are now dynamic and items are enabled/disabled related to the currently selected save.
* Bundled "CTREdit 0.1" plugin, a Crash Team Racing save editor.

Version 1.6:
* Added Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V shortcuts for "Copy" and "Paste save from temp buffer" options respectively.
* Added support for *.VM1 Memory Cards.
* Added support for InterAct DexDrive.
- Thanks to Frédéric Brière for information.
* Icon size for save properties window can now be selected
- Inspired by the Kubusleonidas' Memory Card editor.
* Simplified plugin interface (for programmer) but just as powerfull.
* Application settings are now stored in the XML file format.
* GUI is now more consistent with the general usage guidelines.
* Updated "SpyroEdit" plugin to version 0.3.
* Bundled "MGSEdit 0.1" plugin, a Metal Gear Solid save editor.

[download]  Download  [/download]    ---> Deste este MemcardRex by Shendo

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