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 PES 4 World Cup 2004/05 by morodolarama1
PES 4 World Cup 2004/05 by morodolarama1

PES 4 Original with full license (Remastered)

-The Wolf Evolution 2004's database
- Original game teams
-All names corrected
-Transfers to September 1, 2004 (
-Euro 2004 Squads
-FIFA anthem as opening game
-New adboards based on PES 3 World Patch (generic adidas, coca cola, mcdonald's etc)
-Santiago Bernabeu (
-Olimpico (wendetta patch 2.1)
-All 2004-05 kits for teams
-All 2004 National teams kits (kitserver config) and third for some teams
-All 2004 Club teams kits (kitserver config) and third for some teams
-Number type fixed (no more EPL number in other clubs or national teams)
-Balls (kitserver)
-New HD Hud (by Pato_Lucas18)
-New font style (ported from konami font post pes 6 ps2, choose this for special letters (ex: á, é)
-1.10 exe (reserved memory for mods)

-Fixed OF
-All konami faces asigned corrected
-All shirt collars corrected
-All types of adidas names fixed
-patch 1.1. from konami integrated to 0_text.afs
-corrected the scoreboard with default logos of the game plus the HD radar
-Included the zoom camera tool to play on large screens I play in 1350 you can choose as you like
-support for english and spanish

-New positions icons by @sennaCRO
-new big data base
-New OF with stats, relinked faces
-missed players
-return of classics players of pes shop

*this patch is a end of 2004 patch same as pes 3 patch is 2003 patch, as if to the date of the release of the game

para mayor información y descarga del juego por favor dirigirse al Download donde lo llevara directamente al Blog o Comunidad del creador del juego y donde explica como descargarlo en la Descripción del video en YouTube o en BLOG

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  Download    ---> Pes 4 World Cup by morodolarama1 [ ]

PES 4 World Cup 2004/05 by morodolarama1

Quote:Winning Eleven 8 - Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (PS2)
[Image: winningeleven-pes-wikipedia-11.jpg]

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (Winning Eleven 8 en su versión japonesa) es el cuarto título de la saga. En esta entrega incluye las licencias de clubes de tres ligas europeas, lo que incluye jugadores, camisetas, escudos y patrocinadores reales de la Liga Española, Italiana y Holandesa.

jester  count  Sick  alter_mann  dance3  dance3  dance3

jester  count  duel  gol-18  beckham-manchester1  inter milan  Del Piero  totti-
[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
zidane-real_madrid  zidane_frac  Ronaldinho_barccelona  kanu_-1  barthez_francia  world-cup-2002  recobaa  kaka-milan  nestaa  roberto.baggio  totti-  montella  goool-liver  Batistuta  jugad-lesion 
champions-leagg  gol-18 higuita-med Beckham-england  yoshi 
Winning Eleven & ProEvolutionSoccer & FIFA EA Sports |Option Files|
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