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Tutoriales - PDFs - Docs
 WE6FE Video .PSS by wetigre
WE6FE Video .PSS by wetigre


You have to create an .avi file with a video editing program: this .avi file must be 640x480 30 fps (framerate) and it may last at most 1min 10s; then with Bbmpeg [ ] you convert it in .m2v (MPEG2 video) 5120 kbps (very important).

You also have to create the audio .wav file at 48khz stereo 16bit which lasts 1min 10s; then with Ps2str [ ] go to SPUencode and convert it in .ads

Using Ps2str go to Mux and combine the two files (.m2v with .ads), you'll obtain the .pss file which will be inserted in the .bin file with CDmage.

Be careful! You don't have to create files bigger than the originals:

Quote:.pss ---> 56.6 MB
.m2v ---> 43.3 MB
.ads ---> 13.0 MB

---- P R O C E D U R E  ----

1) create an .avi file at 640x480 30 fps
2) convert it in .m2v (MPEG2 video) at 5120 kbps
3) create a .wav file at 48khz stereo 16bit
4) open Pss plex, click on Miltiplex, insert the file .m2v and the .wav and select the name of the file you want to save; then press Start, in a few moments you'll have the .pss file.

The video file is named WE6F_OP.PSS and you can find it in the main CD directory and its lenght is 1min 10s.

TMPGEnc settings.
Download the "pss.mcf" file, which is the file needed for the "video ps2" setting for TMPGEnc

Open TMPGEnc
1) if the wizard starts, close it
2) in the lower right part you can find three buttons: clich on Load
3) load the pss.mcf file
4) select stream type - video only
5) click on setting
6) insert these parameters:

Stream type : mpeg2
Size : 640 x 288
Aspect Ratio : 1:1 VGA
Frame Rate : 30fps
Rate control mode : constant cbr
Bitrate : 5120
Profile & Level : Main profile & Main level
Video format : NTSC
Encode mode : Interlace
YUV format : 4:2:0
DC component precision : 10 bit
Motion search precision : Highest quality (very slow)

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Winning Eleven 6 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (PSX,PS2,Gamecube)
[Image: winningeleven-pes-wikipedia-9.jpg]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (Winning Eleven 6 en su versión japonesa) es el segundo título de la saga. Fue el último título de la serie que se lanzó en Europa para PlayStation. Los clubes continuaron sin licencia, y algunos jugadores seguían sin sus nombres reales. Por ejemplo Navarra es el equipo del Real Madrid y Naldorinho es Ronaldinho. Su intro del juego es considerado de culto por los fanes, debido a la canción We Will Rock you del grupo Queen.

recobaa  scholes-manchester  van-nistelrooy  Batistuta  jugad-lesion  inter milan  Del Piero  totti-  world-cup-2002  plane_avion  higuita-med
[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
Winning Eleven & ProEvolutionSoccer & FIFA EA Sports |Option Files|
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