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 WE6FE Banners de Estadios by wetigre
WE6FE Banners de Estadios by wetigre

---- P R O C E D U R E  ----

With CDMAGE open the image file BIN created with CDRWin
1) Extract the file “DATAFILE.AFS”

2) With AFSExplorer open “DATAFILE.AFS

3) Under GAME you can find many subdirectories, one of which is STADIUM

4) Select STADIUM and on your right will appear its content

5) If the stadium we want to modify is S. Siro, we would have to find the file where its data are stored… then we see a series of files called “ST01W”, these are all the files which contain the S. Siro parameters. But we're interested only in the banners, then:

6) Extract the following 4 files:
1. st01w_df.bin (Day – Clear)
2. st01w_dr.bin (Day – Rain)
3. st01w_nf.bin (Night – Clear)
4. st01w_nr.bin (Night – Rain)

We will have to edit the 4 files, each file represents a different situation of weather and time

7) Copy the 4 extracted files and put them in a folder (ex. “FILE ORIGINALI”)

8) Open WE Picture Decoder and load the first file “st01w_df.bin” and in the window we will have the first texture which is the field grass one, that is: “0 (256x256x4)”

9) Click on the arrow pointing down and a menu on the right of the texture description will appear

10) Find the n°21 (the banners one, which will be visible in the window

11) Click on the menu WINDOW and select “ View Trasparency”

12) It will appear a white window on the right

13) Click on INPUT/OUTPUT, select “IMPORT BMP” and select the new BMP file we want to insert and click on OPEN

14) You will receive the message “LOADED” : click OK

15) Now in the window we have the banners image

16) The window ALPHA PALETTE will become black, click on “INVERT” and it will become white

17) Click on the menu FILE and select “UPDATE FILE” (overwrite file). Repeat this step also for the 3 remaining files.

18) Open ZLIB_Tool (you can download it HERE)
Once launched the program, we have a window with 2 writtens: EXPORT and IMPORT

19) Open the folder where you have the 4 files edited before: take the first and drag it in the EXPORT window

20) The program gives you an error but don't worry, with confirming it will be created a file called ex. st01w_df.bin_000
Repeat these last 3 steps with the other 3 files and at the end you will have 8 files: 4 edited and 4 with the same name but with extension (.bin_000)

21) Delete the files edited (without extension)

22) Open the folder “FILES ORIGINALI” and move the files of this folder in the folder where you have the files with the extension (see 20) ). Drag and drop the files with extension (.bin_000) in the section IMPORT

23) Now our 4 original files can be imported in DATAFILE.AFS. Then open the image file with CDMage, right click on DATAFILE.AFS, select IMPORT and select the edited DATAFILE.AFS. Scan for errors, burn your image and that's all!

Referencia: de Juegos Soportados -Maps AFS-
- WE6FE Team List
- WE6FE Player List
- WE6FE Kits Uniformes
- AFS Explorer
- WE6Fe Simple Editor v.2
- WE6FE Simple Editor v0.31 by Haplo
- WEPicture Decoder 1.80
- WE6FE Traductor
- WE_Mod_Center_2_5c Obocaman
- WE6FE Creacion de Kits
- WE6FE Creacion de Kits by WeTigre

Winning Eleven 6 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (PSX,PS2,Gamecube)
[Image: winningeleven-pes-wikipedia-9.jpg]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (Winning Eleven 6 en su versión japonesa) es el segundo título de la saga. Fue el último título de la serie que se lanzó en Europa para PlayStation. Los clubes continuaron sin licencia, y algunos jugadores seguían sin sus nombres reales. Por ejemplo Navarra es el equipo del Real Madrid y Naldorinho es Ronaldinho. Su intro del juego es considerado de culto por los fanes, debido a la canción We Will Rock you del grupo Queen.

recobaa  scholes-manchester  van-nistelrooy  Batistuta  jugad-lesion  inter milan  Del Piero  totti-  world-cup-2002  plane_avion  higuita-med
[Image: 51.jpg][Image: juventus.gif]
zidane-real_madrid  zidane_frac  Ronaldinho_barccelona  kanu_-1  barthez_francia  world-cup-2002  recobaa  kaka-milan  nestaa  roberto.baggio  totti-  montella  goool-liver  Batistuta  jugad-lesion 
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