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 Winning Eleven Club Manager [PES Manager]
Winning Eleven Club Manager [PES Manager]

Winning Eleven Club Manager will continue to strive to provide valuable services.

・ Depending on the device used, the time until the change in PES coin content may be different.
・ The price notation in the game and the price notation in the store may be temporarily different, but the price in the final confirmation window of the store is the correct price.
・ Please make sure to check the price in the final confirmation window of each store before purchasing.

[Important] Notice of iOS 13 support

Winning Eleven Club Manager is currently working on the iOS 13 environment.
Therefore, please note that Winning Eleven Club Manager may not work properly if the device using Winning Eleven Club Manager is updated to “iOS 13”.
"IOS 13" We will inform you again when the work and verification of operation on major terminals are completed.

Note that devices that meet the operating environment listed in the “Compatible models” listed on the official website may not work properly depending on the device performance and specifications, device usage conditions specific to the device, etc.
Customers who are considering updating to iOS 13 are requested to pay sufficient attention to the above points.
Position-only characteristic scouts are being held!

Opportunities to acquire position-limited features such as side rulers and aggressive shooters!

If it appears with player characteristics, the `` position-limited characteristics '' corresponding to the registered position of the player are confirmed!
Now you have 7 chances to win!

Scout x5 is a player with one-person limited characteristics!
Scout x10 has two players with limited position characteristics! One of them can be selected by selecting FW / MF / DF / GK!

Depending on the registered position of the player, the position-limited characteristics that appear are different. Please check the following for details.

Position-limited characteristics
ST, CF Goal machine, aggressive shooter
LWG, RWG Goal machine, aggressive shooter, side ruler
DMF, CMF, OMF Golden midfield
LMF, RMF Golden midfield, side ruler
LSB, RSB Iron wall defensive, side ruler
CB Iron wall defensive team
GK Shut out

Winning Eleven Club Manager is planning a major update of the game engine on September 18th.
Adopting “UNREAL ENGINE 4”, which is also used in high-end game consoles, greatly improves graphics.
In addition to greatly increasing the types of motion of players, team tactical AI that reproduces the latest trends has evolved further.

You can enjoy management in a more realistic game.

At the time of the update, we are planning not only to update the game engine, but also to various improvements that make it easier to manage.
Details will be disclosed later on, so please look forward to it!

Thank you for always enjoying Winning Eleven Club Manager.
The Winning Eleven Club Manager will change the PES Coin product content as shown below as the consumption tax increases from October 1.

[PES Coin]
(Current product contents)
65 PES Coin (paid portion: 60 / free portion: 5)
110 PES Coin (paid portion: 100 / free portion: 10)
230 PES Coin (paid portion: 200 / free portion: 30)
350 PES Coin (paid portion: 300 / free portion: 50)
475 PES Coin (paid portion: 400 / free portion: 75)
600 PES Coin (paid portion: 500 / free portion: 100)
1260 PES Coin (paid portion: 1000 / free portion: 260)

(Product content after change)
65 PES Coin (paid portion: 58 / free portion: 7)
115 PES Coin (paid portion: 98 / free portion: 17)
240 PES Coin (paid portion: 196 / free portion: 44)
365 PES Coin (paid portion: 294 / free portion: 71)
500 PES Coin (paid portion: 392 / free portion: 108)
640 PES Coin (paid portion: 490 / free portion: 150)
1320 PES Coin (paid portion: 965 / free portion: 355)

Google Play: Google Play
App Store : App Store
Official Website: Official Konami Website

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