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Retro Arcade M.A.M.E
 The Main Event Konami M.A.M.E
The Main Event M.A.M.E

The Main Event, known in Japan as  Ringu no Ōjais a professional wrestling arcade game released by Konami in 1988

A player selects two different wrestlers as their tag team, and they wrestle another tag team. If the player wins, his team moves on to another match. If he loses, he gets an immediate rematch, since the game isn't over until the player's energy falls to zero. Some of the game's most distinguishable features were an oversized "Action" button which would flash whenever an attack, grapple, submission or pin could be performed; and an enthusiastic announcer who introduced the wrestlers and called the action during matches.

[Image: main-event-konami.jpg]

There are three weight classes: Cruiserweights (El Condor, Maui Mauler, Kamikaze Ken, San Antonio Smasher), which specialize in fast and agile moves; Heavyweights (Saturn Six, Bigfoot Joe, Alan the Empire) with emphasis on slower but more powerful moves; and Balanced (Conan the Great) which could use selected moves from the other two classes. Moves are divided in five types: Attack, Grapple 1, Grapple 2, Aerial, and Signature. "Attack" is the performing of a punch, kick, chop or headbutt while in front of an opponent. "Grapple 1" moves can be performed when opponent is in a "stunned" state (his body staggering back and forth, after receiving an "Attack" move, missing one himself, or being picked off the mat)

Every wrestler a player could choose from was a lookalike of a contemporary WWF wrestler.

Characters included El Condor (similar to El Canek),

Conan the Great (Hulk Hogan with a full head of white hair),

The Maui Mauler (similar to Haku),

Kamikaze Ken (Ricky Steamboat with little to no alteration),

San Antonio Smasher (very similar to Koko B. Ware),

Saturn Six (whose look was similar to Demolition),

Bigfoot Joe (King Kong Bundy with orange hair),

Alan The Empire (a red-haired, bearded André the Giant)

[Image: the-main-event-konami.jpg]

  Download    ---> The Main Event Arcade

[Image: the-main-event.jpg]


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Note: M.A.M.E (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)

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