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 WE6FE simple editor v.2 by Haplo
WE6FE simple editor by Haplo

[Image: we6fe-simple-editor-2-by-haplo.png]

Con esta herramienta se podra editar la database de los juegos de Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution para PS2
Es una herramienta muy dificil de conseguir.
La herramienta de edicion fue desarrollada por el programador Haplo el mismo del creador de la herramienta de edicion de los juegos de PSX (Do The Evolution) todos ellos de las paginas cerradas de

[Image: WE6FE_Simple_Editor.png]

En este Link estan los TeamList de WE6FE: TeamList WE6FE

Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution  Simple Editor V0.2
[V0.2 Updates]
1.Fixed the bug of unable to modify the team name of Master League teams.
2.Fixed the bug of not updated roster in edit mode after changing player's IDs of a team.
3.Force to use upper case while inputing player's back name.
4.Added the function of modifying the power bars of teams.
5.Added the function of modifying the kickers and captain.
6.Added the function of inputing Shift-JIS coded Japanse characters.


Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution (WE6FE) is a soccer game on Playtation2 (PS2).
WE6FE_Simple_Editor is a program to modify the data of WE6FE.

You MUST be able to play backuped CD-R on your PS2.
Otherwise WE6FE_Simple_Editor would not be useful for you.

WE6FE_Simple_Editor is a WINDOWS program.
It can run on WINDOWSXP. I have not tested it on other WINDOWS platform.
WE6FE_Simple_Editor read/write the with CD image file of WE6FE.
You could create the image file from WE6FE original game CD, using CDRWIN or other software.


Run "WE6FE_Simple_Editor.exe". It would ask for the path of the CD image.
Open the CD image.
Then you could modify a lot of things:
    the name of a team,
    shirt numbers,
    change the player IDs of a team,
    modify player's attributes....

Then click the button "Write into CD image", and the image file would be updated.

You might need to use ECCREGEN to fix the image file before burning.

Then you could burn a CD-R to enjoy the new data.

[about player ID]
There are 2197 players in the game.
Each team has a player ID list.
For national teams / all stas teams / classic teams , there are 23 players in each team.
For master league teams, there could be up to 40 players in each team.
Change a player's ID means that replace him by another player.
For example, select team 49, and player 9, we got BATISTUTA.
His ID is 1113.
Then select team 87 and select player30.
It's an empty position, because there are only 29 players in Internationale.
Change the player ID to 1113 and click the "change ID" button.
And now BATISTUTA is the 30th player of Internationale.
The player ID in the national teams can also be modified.
The start lineup and substitute players can be changed.
You could even let a player join another national team.

player ID range:
1------2117: player's in all the teams
2118---2164: secret players , from Schmeichel to George Best
2165---2187: players to be trained, they are all world famous people:
            Leibniz of Germany,
            Ibsen of Normway,
            Hugo of France,
            Wilde of Ireland,
            Strauss of Austria,
            Goya of Spain,

2188---2197: Japan Refrainment

The source code of we6fe_simple_editor can be downloaded from

Development by haplo
April 2003

Pro Evolution Soccer 2
(conocido como World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 en su versión japonesa) es un videojuego de fútbol para PlayStation y PlayStation 2 que se lanzó a la venta en el 2002. Este es el segundo videojuego de la serie Pro Evolution Soccer. Además, fue el último que se vendió para la consola PlayStation.

Quote:Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 in Japan and World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International in North America) is the second installment of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer football video game series. The Japanese and North American versions were succeeded by two updates: Winning Eleven 6 International and Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution. It was the last game of the series released in Europe for PlayStation and the unique of the series released for the Nintendo GameCube, though it was the Final Evolution update, and in Japan only. Opening theme for this game is We Will Rock You by Queen. This opening theme also featured in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

[Image: we6fe-cover.jpg]

- WE6FE Team List
- AFS Explorer
- WE6Fe Simple Editor v.2
- WEPicture Decoder 1.80
- WE6FE Traductor
- WE_Mod_Center_2_5c Obocaman

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