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 WE_Mod_Center_2_5c Obocaman
WE_Mod_Center_2_5c by Obocaman
[Image: WE_Mod_Center_2_5c-obocaman.png][Image: WE_Mod_Center_2_5c-obocaman-editor.png]

WE Mod Center v2.5

This is an editor for Winning Eleven games on PS2.
It currently performs complete WE6fe editing options (graphics and teams) and partial WE7 editing (only graphics). It can import/export .BMP files to/from the .AFS directly, as well as entire AFS files.

What's new since last version (2.1b):

- Default and edit kits can be changed now (note the palette for high and low-res default kits is shared)
- Added support for WE7 and PES3 game ISOs (useful for import/export AFS and SLPM files quickly)
- "Upgrade to kit pattern" option has been upgraded to WE7/PES3 kits layout
- The toolbar works now even with the "Insert/extract texture in/from the AFS" window opened ^___^

What's new since last version (2.1):

- Easier, faster and clearer AFS files free space management
- Faster color reduction when needed

What's new since last version (2.0):

- Added support for more WE7 graphics. I think now every texture in the game is editable, except uniforms (they remain a bit of a hell to uncompress... :/ )
- Fixed a bug when extracting only palette over the current bitmap

What's new since last version (1.8):

- Added support for AFS files from WE7
- Added a complete transfers option (WE6fe)
- Added the option to adapt pixel data to an existing in-game palette, specially usefull for flags pictures (just choose to not insert palette and try to insert only data, u'll be asked about that)
- Added possibility to listen to players callnames (WE6fe)
- Fixed some bugs (team name lengths, players callnames ids...)
- New design by D4lton ^____^

  Download:   ---> Download from that Post Attachment

- WE6FE Team List
- AFS Explorer
- WE6Fe Simple Editor v.2
- WEPicture Decoder 1.80
- WE6FE Traductor
- WE_Mod_Center_2_5c Obocaman

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