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[Image: AFSExplorer-v3.7.png]

Added support to Winning Eleven 9 & Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PSX2, PC and XBOX) graphic files.

This software allows managing the AFS files, which act as a container for multiple files (e.g. graphics, sounds, etc...) under its specific file-system structure.
With AFSExplorer you can manage those files, replacing or editing them with AFSExplorer's built-in functions or via independent external plug-ins.
There are plug-ins available for e.g. editing STR, SPF or ADX files. Plug-ins code is also available so anyone can customize them or even create their own plug-ins.

Appart from these basic functions for handling AFS files, the application includes some non-AFS related extensions:

- ZLIB-compressed files analysis and handling tool. You can (un)compress and (de)crypt files in the AFS.

- Renderware graphics support (as those found e.g in Grand Thieft Auto or Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer series). You can insert/extract graphics into any supported file in the AFS.

- SPF, ADX, CES and WAV sound player. You can play any sound file in the AFS.

This application also allows the creation and usage of AFP patches, which contain file content targeted to be applied on AFS file and replace its files.
These patches have a lesser dependence of AFS structure than PPF patches, having an optimal space usage, and thus are better suited to be used on AFS files.

You have at your disposal many other functions such as file name edition, support to ISO CD/DVD images, etc...
This application is designed to work under Win32 platforms, and has been tested to work under all avalaible 32-bit Windows OSs.



In the main window:
- Reserved spaces displayed in green 
means the reserved space has been marked with a new value for rebuilding.
- File lengths displayed in green means file is using more reserved space than it really needs (unused space).
- File lengths displayed in yellow means that the length of the file given at the headers is not coherent with the length given at descriptors..
- Dragging a file from other app to the file list imports it.
(Just as in Windows Explorer:)
- Press right mouse button over a file or folder to open a contextual menu with appropiate options
- Double-clicking a file opens the file with the appropriate program or plays a sound, depending on the file type. Pressing F11 allows selecting any application for opening a file.
- Slowly double-clicking over a file name allows editing its name.

* In the graphic preview window:
- Press left mouse button while you move the mouse
 to scroll the picture. If 'Stretch images' config option is set, this feature is not available (there's no need).
- Pressing right mouse button over an image opens a pop-up menu allowing to import/export BMP files.
- Double click over any entry in the list to open the image with pre-selected graphic editor.

* In the AFS rebuilding window:
- Press '+' and '-' keypad buttons 
to increase/decrease reserved space for a file.
- Press right mouse button over a file or folder to open a contextual menu with appropiate options. 'Adjust childs' sets the slots of the selected entry and his brothers (and also their sons) to the minimum value needed to store the files (minimizes space).

* In the AFP patch creation window:
- Pressing right mouse button 
toggles the selection/deselection of all children, in function of parent selection status.
- Use 'Compare AFS'->'Select different files' to quickly create a patch. This allows creating a patch that only holds those files that differ between the loaded AFS and any external AFS. Take care, as the content of the patch will be fetch from the currently loaded AFS file.

In the ZLIB Manager window:
- Double-clicking a ZLIB section 
uncompresses the section and then processes it with ZLIB Manager.
- Double-clicking a data section opens it with the pre-configured hexadecimal editor.
- You can use 'Get from AFS' and 'Insert into AFS' to quickly exchange files within the AFS without the need of extracting them first.

This Application is Freeware. This means users can make Use of it without cost and it can be freely Distributed.
However, some limitations are applied to its use and distribution grants:

I. It is aimed for personal use;
no economical profit can be made from the use of the application, may it be directly or indirectly.

II. The application must be distributed/hosted keeping the integrity of the original package:

- No changes can be performed in any of the files forming the original package.
- All files forming the original package must be included.
- There is NO restriction to the addition of third party files.

Please, note the usage of this application may be limited by local laws.

The author(s) do not take any responsability of the incorrect usage of this application.
Furthermore, no responsability is taken on any damage the application could cause to logical/phisycal parts.

- WE6FE Team List
- AFS Explorer
- WE6Fe Simple Editor v.2
- WEPicture Decoder 1.80
- WE6FE Traductor
- WE_Mod_Center_2_5c Obocaman
- WE6FE Player List Excel File

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