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 MFAudio by muzzleflash
MFAudio by Muzzleflash (conversor de WAV a VAG)

[Image: MFAudio-we2002.png]

Welcome to MFAudio

This tool allows you to play, convert, and downsample audio files that use some of the more common formats among PS2 games.

It can be used to reduce the size of music in DVD rips, replace the music with something else you prefer, or simply to play the music from your favorite games.

Please note: It is assumed that the user has a reasonable level of technical knowledge - this tool isn't for newbies. Please *do not* email me questions about how to play/convert a file from a particular game. You're on your own!


Using the GUI should be straight-forward. Press the 'Open' button and select the file you wish to use as input. If the file is a known format, then all the details will be automatically filled in. Otherwise, the format will default to Raw (uncompressed or compressed), and you will likely need to set the frequency, channels, and interleave manually. The 'offset' option can be used to step past a certain number of bytes that may exist at the start of the file prior to the audio data. You can use the 'Play' button to test the settings and determine if they are correct.

Creating an output file for conversion should be just as easy. Start by selecting the output format, and then give a filename. The frequency, channels, and interleave will all default to the same as the input file, so you only need to change them if you intend to downsample.

You can also use the utility from the command line (type 'MFAudio /?' for available options). This can be useful if you are creating a rip kit, for example, you can write a batch file that will run this utility to downsample all the music in the game.


Not supported:
* MUS & MPC formats (used mainly in EA games)
* AFS format (used mainly in Sega Dreamcast ports)


Here are some settings to play/convert the music from a few different games. I've noted the region I used for testing (PAL, NTSC, NTSC-J).

Airblade (PAL)
  \L0\*.VAG, \L1\*.VAG, \L2\*.VAG, \L3\*.VAG, \L4\*.VAG, \L5\*.VAG,
  \L6\*.VAG: Raw Compressed, Freq 44100, Channels 2, Interleave 10

ATV Offroad Fury (NTSC)
  \RES\SONG*.R: VAG Format (built-in support).
  Note: L is left channel, R is right channel.

Batman Vengeance (NTSC)
  \GAMEDATA\WORLD\SOUND\STRM.SM1: Raw Compressed, Freq 44100, Channels 2, Interleave 800

Wizardry (NTSC)
  \PACKDATA.CIG: Raw Compressed, Freq 44100, Channels 2, Interleave 100
      Offset 1830E800, 187C3000, 19175800, 1976E000, 19EA0800, 1A458000,
            1AA6F000, 1B0DE000, 1B795800, 1BB3B800, 1BEF5800, 1C33D800,
            1C8AD800, 1CEFA800, 1D514000, 1D88A000, 1DDC1000, 1E215000,
            1E712800, 1EB0C800, 1EEE7000, 1F33B000, 1F754800, 1FA12000

WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It (NTSC)
  \ADS\0\*.ADS, \ADS\1\*.ADS, \ADS\2\*.ADS: SS2 Format (built-in support).

X-Squad (PAL)
  \SOUND\*.INT: Raw Uncompressed, Freq 48000, Channels 2, Interleave 200

Thanks & Greets...

Everyone associated with PS2 dev & ripping - in no particular order:
Paradox, Dynamite, Kalisto, Static, Z and the guys at PS2Ownz forums, Zandal, Toshi,, Hurricane, Bitmaster, and anyone I missed out!


PSX, PS2, Playstation, Playstation2, are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. This product is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by Sony.

Everything here was written personally. It does not contain any copyrighted material (Sony or otherwise).

Distribute as much as you like!

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Winning Eleven 2002
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