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Winning Eleven 2002 English Names Patch by Walxer - we11world - 01-10-2020

Winning Eleven 2002 English Names Patch by Walxer

Version : 0.8
Release Date : 01/05/2002
CopyRight 2002 by Walxer

This is an UNOFFICIAL Patch and nor I nor Konami are liable of any
possible damages caused from it. This patch is copyrighted and
only the author can change it; anyway, you're allowed to spread it
freely among your friends, and if you plan to put it in your Web page,
at least e-mail me.
Winning Eleven 2002 this patch can be only used to make a personal backup copy.

This patch has be done to help all of the non-Japanease video-gamers
of the World, and what it does is translate most of the player names,
team names, and menu options from Japanease to English.
My work is still in progress, so my final goal has not been realized
at all.
My patch change the following things (between parenthesis there is
the completion percentage) :

- Nationals player names (100%)
- Master League player names (100%)
- Stadium names (0%)
- Team names on menu, team selections, results list, etc.. (100%)
- Call Names of the players (0%)
- Real player properties (1%)
- Main menu options (100%)
- Match menu options (100%)
- Titlings (75%)
- Other menus (90%)

Patching the game

  To patch the image created right now, you must use or ApplyPPF 2.0
  or (I suggest you) PPF-O-MATIC 2.0, which I've attached. You must
  select the PPF patch name (We2k2Patch.ppf), the CD game image
  (we2k2.bin) and it will do the rest! If the program show you this:

  "The Filesize of the binfile does not match with the filesize
  of the binfile this PPF-Patch was made of! CONTINUE ?

  then the image you have created isn't right (maybe you don't
  have read carefully my instructions, or simply your WE2002
  copy isn't the original one), and so consider that you may encounter
  problems with burned CD.

  Agradecimientos : 

- Walxer
  for the latest news, visit my web site: 

- WEndetta Forum ,
  for the affection, the support, the many helps, and all other a group of
  friends can give.

- Gran
  for giving me ALL game player names, also hidden ones. At final he translate
  Master League menus and some others in menu Edit.

- EvilGab
  for kindly send me all team game names.

- Olyone  - Nandogrifo ,
  for lending me the original CD game.

- Rob23,
  for have found a Memory Card with some names taken from a Chinese site.

We Are Football Tribe!

Quote:Winning Eleven
En 1996, tras el éxito International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, Konami decidió crear otro título de fútbol pero no con la misma gente, así se le entregó el trabajo a Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo quienes Crearon: World Soccer Winning Eleven, conocido como Goal Storm en Europa y Norteamérica.  El mismo dio comienzo a una saga completamente ajena a International Superstar Soccer, a pesar de que varios de los títulos de la nueva franquicia llevan los mismos nombres que ésta.

Al año siguiente salió a la venta Winning Eleven 97 (llamado International Superstar Soccer Pro en Europa y Goal Storm 97 en Norteamérica. La saga continuó con Winning Eleven 3 y Winning Eleven 4 ( llamados en el resto del mundo como International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 y International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution, respectivamente ). En marzo de 2001, antes de la aparición de la quinta edición de Winning Eleven, salió a la venta International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2, siendo éste la segunda parte de ISS Pro Evolution (en Japón, World Soccer Jikkyou Winning Eleven 2000: U-23 Medal Heno Chousen) y el último Winning Eleven conocido como ISS fuera del país asiático, ya que en octubre del mismo año se lanzó Winning Eleven 5 para PlayStation 2, que sería titulado en Europa como Pro Evolution Soccer, iniciando una nueva franquicia que persiste hasta la fecha. Cabe destacar que Winning Eleven 2002 salió solamente en Japón y Europa para PlayStation, en el viejo continente seria conocido como Pro Evolution Soccer 2 y que seria el último título en dicho sistema.

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Winning Eleven 2002
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