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Full Version: Tutorial Banderas 2d by WEtiger
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Tutorial Banderas 2d by WEtiger

WinningEleven 2000 U-23 Olympic Tutorial Banderas 2d by WEtiger

---- P R O C E D U R E ----

To modify the texture of the flags in every menu (pre-match, Memory Card saves, main menu, etc.) you have to modify the bytes in the following Offsets of the binary image: 1928884, 2005072, 2336800, 4904560, 5710780 (decimal values). In each of these offsets you can see a sequence like this:
[Image: select00.jpg]

The first position (red circled) represents Ireland, and 00 is the texture of its flag.
The yellow zone represents the National flags, the Green the All Stars teams, the Sky Blue the Master League teams and the Orange the U-23 Nationals and the remaining teams.

Ex. if you want that the texture of Ireland flag will become like the Spanish flag, you have to change the code 00 in 06. The sequence of the teams is reported in the table below and for each flag you find the corresponding texture code. Of course many flags have the same texture, but the different colors make them different.
[Image: winningeleven-hexdecimal.png]

Once you modified the texture the colors will be mistaken, then you have to modify them.
Go to the Offset 12549190 of the binary image, you find a sequence like this: the first flag (emphasized in blue) represents Ireland flag and in the same way you find all the other flags, using the sequence above.
[Image: select01.jpg]

You will find “C3 8D ” instead of “42 08” because the image above is taken from a modified copy of the game, but the byte's structure is the same. Each flag is made by 30 bits + 2 (the red00 00” which close the flag colors and mustn't be typed). Each color is represented by 2 bytes and it colours a flag zone, ex. “42 08” is the color Black: for the other colors you have to do some attempts; once you modified the colors look at the changes in the emulator. However there are some good editors (the Obocaman ones over all) which can help you very well.

N.B. Data referred to Winning Eleven 2000 U-23 Olympic; the way to proceed is the same for Winning Eleven 2002, except for the initial Offsets.

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