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Full Version: WE2002 How to move the positions of any team by SHIROHIGE
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Today we gonna see how to move teams in WE2002 a tuto based from the tuto made by Fabio FJA which is:” Tutorial como mover gráficos no we2002 - Fabio FJA” but this time in other way

We have to use 4 things :
1_Epsxe 1.9.52
2_Cheat Engine
3_HexDec Workshop
4_CDmage to import our file

We have to work with them in the same time in the same environment
Now let’s Start !

First open Epsxe and go to configuration --->Video and make sure that the resolution will be like this picture, it’s about seeying results nothing else[Image: 113.png]
After that we gonna Open the game u want to edit the position with the emulator
Open the Cheat Engine and the HexDec program and with this we gonna open SELECT2.Bin of the specific game that you wanna modify

Finally open Cheat Engine  go to that icon and select Epsxe  [Image: 214.png]
Click on Open[Image: 312.png]

after than click on Memory View at least we gonna have this [Image: 411.png]

This iso is already modified the ML positions made by Fabio FJA
Now we gonna try to modify another team for exemple Irlande !
Click on “Goto Adress” and we write this address “B82282” it indicate the localization of Irlande and u must use the file which indicate the position (X.Y) of the team you want move on with this you can recognize the team like Irlande the X,Y position is (00 00,F0 FF) yes like this, each corespendente X or Y has 2 bytes and I have a #Remark to make which is the teams are separated with 6 bytes and don’t try to modify this last 6 bytes cuz the texture of the flag will be modified ! OK :D  [Image: 510.png]

The red colored is the position of Irlande
Let me see we gonna try to modify it !!
[Image: 610.png]

As u can see I modified the vertical position Y F0 FF to B0 EE
Each time u modify the position copy it and past it on SELECT2.bin with the HexDec porgram
[Image: 710.png]

And u can do and modify whatever u want and which team u want just follow the steps and becareful and got some of patient
Save the HexDec modification and import the SELECT2.bin file with #CDmage

That’s All :D

Before I close the subject I have to make some Remarks to make from my experience :

In modifying the positions make sure to use (+,-) keys on the keyboard to have the perfect positions in the bytes just go on it and press + or of the keyboard to move them carefully
The mini Y vertical position is (78 00) the max (AF EE)
In modifying the horizontal position make sure to make them as the X positions of the Exel file (teams positions) the are made perfectly so u can switch them I made the detail on “team position”

My lasts words is Enjoooooyyy the modifications try to make many mistakes so with that u will earn the knowledge my homie Wink

I have to make a special thnx to my friend Fabio FJA a really genius guy
I have to thank every and each WE lover
Special tnx to ZONA WE I call it WE heaven’s hahaha <3 !!!
this is the link of the files :

Hello, my friend.

Thank you for the excellent explanation.

I really need your explanation in some edits.

I need to change the default speed of the game, and I need to change the default difficulty as well as the default camera.

Is that possible?

Thank you again.

See you
Hi sensible146 You Are Welcome to Community Winning Eleven

To setting the game and change the default speed and some other options you need the tool:
- we2002 Opciones by Zeta

Setting for games modes in:
  • Menu Amistoso
  • Menu Master League
  • Menu Liga

Setting for Speed games modes in:
  • Velocidad Normal
  • Velocidad Maxima
  • Velocidad Turbo

And other Option Setting in game

Video Preview: