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Full Version: PS3 Option File Tutorial
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Step-by-step Guide to adding an option file to PES on your PS3

Step 1. Download your option file.

(note the option file must be compatible with your version of the game, the latest game data version of PES is Version 1.03. It should be stated on the website where you've downloaded the file from).

As Konami have introduced patches/updates that do NOT alter option files, this warning should not be a problem.

Step 2.
Once downloaded, extract the file using WinZip or WinRar depending on the format of the download, making sure that the first folder is called PS3 and then the next being SAVEDATA (these folders should already be created when downloading the option file)

So on your desktop once downloaded it should show, PS3 -> SAVEDATA -> (all files should be here)

(please check the images in the spoilers below if you are unsure about this step)

Step 3. Copy everything on a USB and plug it in the PS3.

Step 4. On the main menu of the PS3, go to Game and then Saved Data Utility (PS3), press [Image: X.png] and then your USB should be shown, press [Image: X.png] again, this should then bring up all your files.

Step 5. Now you have to do the long process of copying all the files. MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR CURRENT EDIT DATA JUST IN CASE THIS DOESN'T WORK. The Edit Data from your downloaded option file is key and must be copied. It'll ask you to overwrite and will also give you a warning that you cannot earn any more trophies.

(I've done this and still managed to gain trophies so I'm not too sure about this, apparently deleting the current Edit Mode data before copying over the new one can bypass this warning)

To avoid the trophy message you can upload the OF to a secondary account - the message will pop up.

Then go back to your main account and then just copy the data (both edit and kits onto your main account)

The only problem with this method is, you have to copy everything twice. (Once to your second account, and then again (using PS3) to copy it over to the other account)
Minor files like Master League and Become a Legend files do not need to be copied as they have no effect.

KEY NOTE: First copy ONE file, then go back a path and see whether there are 2 PES 2011 folders within the Game Data. If there is, you've downloaded an Option File which won't work on your BLES code. You'll then need to download a different option file that matches the BLES code on your game box.

Step 6.
Once everything is copied, this should be all you need to do. Go into PES and the edit mode should be updated. (also, one thing to note is that if you used an option file that used player faces updates, some may not work and the player will be left with 'No Data' on the face. If this happens, just change the player from a 'Scan' face back to 'Default.'

[Image: ps3thingy.jpg]

[Image: pesthingy2.jpg]


1.Can you have more than one OF in your game?
Nope because remember you're deleting and overwriting the edit data, which is the main thing for the Option file, so you can only ever have one, otherwise you'd just be overwriting your option files which would replace the old data. If you want another OF you can create another PSN account or something.

2.Will downloading an OF corrupt my Master League/Become A Legend?
No, because you've saved those ML's and BAL, therefore the game saves all the players in there etc.

3.What is the BLES code?
Wherever you bought PES from, that region will have a specific BLES code, UK is 01020 and therefore Option Files you download have to be specific to that BLES code otherwise it won't work. Your BLES code can be found on the spine of your game box.