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Full Version: [PC] SKY Italy Scoreboard v1.0
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[PC] SKY Italy Scoreboard v1.0


I have made the team names for my option file,if you want to make your own
just use the template included on the team_names pack...


Step 1:
-Open AFSExplorer,load your rv_X.img (rv_x = your Language,e.g. rv_e
-Go to "action",then "import folder" and choose the rv_X folder(if it asks you to regenerate,click on yes and save a new file,then overwrite your old rv_X )

Step 2:
-Open AFSExplorer,load your cv_0.img;
-Go to "Action",then "import folder" and choose cv_0 folder.

Step 3 (optional)--TEAMNAMES--
- If you want to use my SKY teamnames,just import unnamed_8092 in your cv_0