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Full Version: [PC] ProEvoluti Superpatch 0.5 online :)
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[PC] ProEvoluti Superpatch 0.5 online Smile

The first Superpatch from [url=""]ProEvoluti[/url] has just come out!
This is the content:
  • Updated names, transfers and line ups
  • Created Stuttgart and Werder Bremen
  • Created all Premier League teams kits (from the guys of this great forum Smile)
  • Created Stuttgart and Werder Bremen kits
  • Updated kits for: Genoa, Empoli and Lazio
  • Updated badges for Premier League teams
  • Champions League adboards[/list:u]
    Some screen shots:
    [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp01.jpg][/url] [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp02.jpg][/url] [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp03.jpg][/url] [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp04.jpg][/url]
    [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp05.jpg][/url] [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp06.jpg][/url] [url=""][Image: tn_pes_sp07.jpg][/url]
    Download it directly from [url=""][/url] (no registration required) Smile
Interesante. Voy a bajarlo a ver que tal me sale.